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Oct 11, 2009
I'm riding Sat and/or Sun if anyone wants to join up. Looks like Kim and Yamabushi could also join. 150-250km of the usual hilly suspects. Weather notwithstanding. I will have serious hangover due to my birthday tomorrow, so you can have an even chance to crush an even older man on the hills! Haha!
Well - this is more or less certain:

1) Depart 0830 from junction of Yamete Dori and Route 20 (Tokyo Opera City) Shinjuku.
2) We'll follow 413 to Itsukaiichi Dori then all the way to Itsukaiichi.
3) Can make brief stop at Itsukaiichi Station to pickup anyone who prefer to train out. (9.45am - 10.00am)
4) Then we'll go to Tomin No Mori either the Steamship Route (increasing grade and longer) or the Kazuhari Rindo Route (15% grade+) short and steep.
5) Quick break at the top, then depending weather, return similar way or go back via Takao Sanguchi (over Otarumi Toge). Options decided at top of TNM.

I'd like to put a 500yen 'bounty' on each summit. So, if you make it to the top, then you get a spoke card and pay 500yen which will go towards Japanese Red Cross. Let's try to hit at least 3 summits! Anyone joins me on a fixie and I'll match their bounty!

This ride will be on some pretty steep roads. Make sure your equipment is in good shape, bring spare tube and suggest to bring some high sugar snacks as well.

We share a birthday Tim. Hope yours is going well! You are a stronger man than me .. I doubt I'd be able to ride 15k after my nomi-hodai birthday party. Enjoy.
Mind if I join ?? Been avoiding the hills since an icy mishap in February so it's high time I got back up there.

I think I'll ride out as well, but seeing that you're planing to cycle from Shinjuku to Itsukaichi, thru weekend traffic, in 1hr 15min AND with a birthday hangover no less :eek: ... well, I reckon I'll make my own way out there at a little bit more of a leisurely pace.

Do you know the 7-11 about 2.5km up from the station up towards Tomin, on the right (popular refueling stop before heading to the mountains) ? How about if I meet you there - ready to roll, say just before 10:00 ...? (If I'm not there please go on without me )

Oh - happy birthday by the way !

-- Steve
Happy b-day Tim! And I'm in. Let's meet at the Shinjuku-station.
This is my first long ride this year and I'm sure I ride very ease pace.
Just in case, Kimm:090-8434-two, three, three, five.
See you guys tomorrow!
Happy Birthday to the two of you!

Let's make this "alla - mada takusan gairin irun da!" ride.

All in TCC clad?

I'll join from the Shinjuku start, just to make sure we maximise the numbers and attention!
Hope you all made it back ok ! Sorry, I waited at the 7-11 but by 10:30 or so I was getting cold, spending an increasing amount of cash of canned coffee and had completely read through all the soft porn mags ;) - so I it was time to move on ! Descending Tomin after the climb I believe I saw a few of you climbing up; I then headed up to Kobu Tunnel and then the hills around Sagamiko before ending in Takao. There the "breakaway" of Ludwig and Yoshiyuki actually caught me up and explained you were a little behind schedule - not surprising given the wind today.

Anyway, next time !

Hi Steve - so sorry to make you wait! The hangover was indeed reality and I was 25min late for departure, that , plus the head wind threw off the schedule. I'll chip in another 500yen for the 'bounty' on your behalf!

Thanks, guys for banding together on this ride with a drunken (now old) fool! All I can say:

1) It was a nearly perfect day for riding except for the wind - and hey, that just adds virtual elevation or miles.
2) Alcohol has a massive inverse proportional effect on performance. I was afraid to look at my HRM vs speed anymore.

Looking forward to doing this again! Sans hangover!
Tim, thanks for organizing this event and people, it was great to ride together.
I enjoyed today's ride and just put the comment to 'jdd' to show our record today. (Thanks jdd!)

I'm dead tired now.... :eek:uch:
Thank you Tim for organizing this.
I enjoyed my first Tomin no mori ride with you guys today:D.

I'm sorry that we couldn't ride with Steve.
Hope to ride with you soon!
2) Alcohol has a massive inverse proportional effect on performance. I was afraid to look at my HRM vs speed anymore.
Sorry Tim - did I neglect to point out that GPS units spend most of their life telling you things you didn't want to know?

"You are lost"

"You are really unfit"

"Your haircut looks stupid"

Haha! I don't suppose the one you gave me is named 'HAL' by any chance? And, oh, where is the breathalyzer hookup?
Tim, many thanks for assembling such a nice group: you, Kimm, Kawasaki-san, Teramoto-san and myself. And of course Steve, had we been on time...

It was great meeting new faces and strong riders, and even better to see Kimm fully recovered. Great what modern medicine can do.

Here is my short ride report with GPS track:


I've uploaded our group photo up at Tomin no Mori to the gallery.
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