Sat. 9th. A ride!


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Oct 9, 2015
Up the first big climb the across the range to the east, ending at Kanuma station would be a good, much shorter version (but still with a heavy climb and some ace descending)

Andy in Tokyo

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Dec 16, 2012
Which is why this thread has been moved to General Conversation. No attempts were made at a poster, mapping, or any details given at all.

Sloppy, incomplete, and completely lacking all effort.

Thank you for keeping tabs on quality. And I believe he was the one who was going on about standards slipping. For shame.
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Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
There are route negotiations underway at the moment but we will be meeting at the Spaceship at 7am for anyone wishing to join. A route may or may not be posted later today , depending how much of a lazy b@stard @theBlob is ;)


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Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
Here is the route.

Some will ride back to Seibu Chichibu station, but I will be riding back to Ogawamachi station on riding home.

Distance to Chichibu is about 177km from the spaceship, or 199 back to Ogawamachi.

Here is the route


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Sep 28, 2011
Another fine day in the mountains! And what a perfect day it was weather wise. Full summer kit with an base layer vest was fine even on the descents.

Aron and I met at 7:00 at the spaceship and picked up Mark and Daren, Yutaka and Masa up river a bit. First stop shiraishi. I haven't had a go on this hill in a while so I had a bit of a dig, and managed to keep my rhythm to the top. Had a bit of a lie down at the top! Until Aron said there was a bug biting him then I jumped up remembering those little fuckers that hang out in the hills around there at this time of year. Bite silently leaving you swollen and itchy for a week.
Down sad amine we went said bye bye to masa and Yutaka and hello to some random Swede. Who by coincidence turned out to be Tobias!
Quick conbini lunch then into quieter territory. Jyomine touge.
A beautiful winding 4-5% climb that goes for about 10km and ends at around 1000m no more cyclists, no more cars, just great views and trees!
We descended a short way off that and got right to the border of Gunma which We stepped over to make it a 3 prefecture ride.
Down, a fast winding descent then up and over another beautiful touge that peaked at 1100m.
After that the 299 roller coaster back to Chichibu where Aron and I headed for the train and the other lads went for Ogawamachi.

Full day out but really perfect stunning riding with all the cherry trees in full bloom through that area. Great company of course and definitely looking forward to doing some more further afield touring this year.


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May 29, 2012
Excellent ride indeed! Weather was sublime! Only time I put my gilet on was descending Shiraishi alone on my way to hon-kawagoe.
Starting in chichibu was brilliant, although I missed halv of the group that turned back after shiraishi, nothing beats feeling that fresh though out in the wilderness. Besides, @theBlob made up for the bailers with his new fully match kit (including socks) in nice bright Swedish colors, and a new lid to top it off- You are a beautiful man ;)



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Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
It sure was a fantastic ride. So good to get out on roads less travelled. Too bad the Japanese delegation didn't bring train bags and had to turn back after Shiraishi (one of them has an ironman next week so he didn't fancy doing a 300k round trip back to Tokyo).

Speaking of Shiraishi, I decided to time myself and open up the legs a little on the climb to give me a starting point to work on this year. I've only been back on the bike a few weeks after running so my legs still feel very lacking in power. I have to alternate between sitting and standing in order to stop the burning but hopefully the burning will stop and the power will come in a few months time. I also found out why I've been getting stupid results on the "official" Shiraishi Strava segment. My Garmin has me missing the finishing point of the segment (according to my track, I rode through the trees up near the toge). Stupid technology. I'm gonna stick to a stopwatch from now on ;).

Anyway, back on topic. The weather was incredible, if not a little too sunny. I was in winter mode still and completely forgot to wear sunscreen. Rather pink arms and nose on Saturday night.
@theBlob was flying all day. It seems like his back problems are behind him now and there is no holding him back. Was also great to have @Aron B out for a longer ride than usual. @saibot was riding strong as always even though he was a complete p*ssy in taking the train out to Chichibu in the morning ;). Good to see @dazzy.b for the first time in quite a while. Always a pleasure to ride with you mate. Great great day in the saddle. Looking forward to the next one.

And now for the selfies

Not a bad view
@Aron B looking rather small compared to nature

Sakura worship
Fresh legs

Bill no mates ;)