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Sat 8/21

oh. my. god

What an insane route, Phillip!

I am biting my elbows and pulling my hairs out right now, as it looks like I will have to miss it :(:(:( - meeting a friend of mine on Sat, whom i haven't seen in a very long time...
Philip, thanks for posting but after a 3 day trip into Nagano I'm physically not gonna be able to get around this route. Have a great ride and see you very soon.
Philip, this is pretty crazy, especially in this heat and humidity. Take good care of yourself!

Have to agree...

157km - 4275 meters ascent


9:00am Otsuki station - Matsuhime - Yanagisawa - Kamihigawa - Sasago - Otoge - Otsuki


... With TOM on this one!
Philip, no-one will think any less of you if, after doing the first four toge, you decide not to do O-toge and just head back to the station.


If O-toge absolutely must be ridden, I would do it first, and then just double-back and start climbing Matsuhime.

Still, either way, it will be a challenging ride.
Take care! Travis
More like agony

It was a sudden decision by Ludwig and myself Sergey but you'll be happy to know I suffered the entire 3 days like I've never suffered before. The heat at times was unbearable and I never found my legs for even 1 minute. I don't think I've ridden slower:( I'm in the process of blogging it with photo's and maps so stay tuned!
If you really must do Otoge then one option could be to reverse the loop, attacking Sasago first, Yanagisawa etc, then after Matsuhime turning right onto the abandoned north side of Otoge (I heard that descending the north side is pretty perilous - hence the switch of directions). This would save you having to go all the way back to Otsuki.

I did it on my own once, but it's a bit lonely out there; climbing Yanagisawa from that direction would also be pretty exposed as well).Wow, thinking about it, it's just a really hard looking route. good luck.

Looking forward to the blog Mike.
Did it! Best ride I have done - by a wide margin. Great to step out the car among the big mountains. Enjoy Matsuhime in the morning sunshine and Otoge in the late afternoon - even the monkeys were surprised to see a cyclist at 17:00. No riding out and back to Tokyo on congested river paths or roads. Just one superb climb after another and each comes with a glorious descent.

Nice to hear that you drove into the mountains rather than blasting through traffic, although I know you do love R246. Ride report?
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