Ride Sat 27 Sep: Takashino, Pizza, Sadamine and Kasayama to Ogawamachi

Dec 16, 2012
I'm going to be doing something like the above route tomorrow (will post a RideWithGPS route in an hour or two). It'll be 100km long with approx 1,500m of ascending.

If anyone would like to join I'll be at the Spaceship at 8am. Pace on the flats will be whatever's comfortable for everyone; all climbs will be WATT.
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Maximum Pace
Jun 1, 2010
Tokyo (Nezu)
@Yamabushi good stuff, was wondering if you'd be out this weekend. Mind if I tag along? I'll see you at the Spaceship at around 8am or will catch up with you along the Arakawa.
Yes, please join us! That's why I posted! And, yes you nailed it on the route!

I will give it my best effort to wake up and join you guys at the spaceship.
It'd be great to see you as well my friend!
Dec 16, 2012
Great ride today with @Yamabushi , @Chikako , @saibot and @leicaman . As I’ve got nowt better to do this ride report will be in the style of 90’s hip-hop classic “Regulate” by Warren G, and is best read while listening to the original song (here):

It was a clear blue day
A clear bright sun
Saibot was on the road, trying to take some
KOMs for the ride, so he can get some Kudos
Just rollin’ on his climbing wheels, chillin’ all alone

Just hit the east-side of the Arakawa
On a mission trying to find the Man of Leica
Seen a flash of pink on the bridge over there
Is it him? Oh no, it’s just another biker.

So I hooks a left up to the Spaceship at 8
I wait for a bit, but it seems like I’m late
I jumped off the bike and phoned Saibot
He said, “Yeah man, our pacing’s super hot.”

Since these salarymen peeping me I’m gonna bunny hop around
They looking so hard with stares deeper than ultrasound
I gotta keep mind on those Strava segments
Full gas, smooth lines through the descents.

I’m 5k back, I’m breaking myself
I can’t believe they left me on the shelf
Overtook a car near a factory
I looked at my Garmin said “Damn, low battery”

I got my homey Chikako and Yamabushi off the back
And I don’t even have the GPS track
We gotta make a stop at the Family Mart
Get some coffee, have a slash and maybe a cheese tart

I got cramps in my legs
I think I’m going down
I can’t believe this is happening when I’m wearing brown
Rapha jerseys that let me fly
Let me blow out a glob of snot
I glanced up the road and see my homey Saibot

Hot coffee in a cup, a photo of his saddlebag
Saibot is about to type in an Instagram tag
The back tyre’s looking flat
It’s a bit of a state
Saibot and Leicaman might have to inflate.

I laid my inner tube down
I took my CO2 pump out
Does anyone know what I’m worried about?
I don’t want trouble, don’t want to crash at speed
Don’t want break my Cannondale, my trusty steed

Now Saibot got the skills
And that’s without doubt
But before they left the Mart
I caught them out
‘Ey up, ‘ey up, what’s the craic?
S-A-I bot’s back with his fan
The Leica to the Man

Just like I thought
he’d catch us up
At the Family Mar-ar-arr-t
the Saibot and L-child
Were in need of something else
Yamabushi had an energy gel
I said “Ooo I like High 5.”
He said “I got a pocket full of them and you seem a bit down
eat one before you dive.”
So I got a belly full of sugar and cappuccino
The next stop is Takashi-noo-ooo.

I’m cycling
Into a whole new terra
Step to this, I dare ya
At a whole new level

Where Leicaman is the pace and the pace is his pedal.

And so on…