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Sat 18th, Intermediate ride


Speeding Up
May 29, 2008
For those of us who like the hills but aren't crazy enough or fast enough or crazy-fast enough for the 'best of the west' ride...

I'll be riding this Saturday and would be happy for company.

I'm considering this route: Otarumi, Kobu tunnels, Kazahari, (depending on heat, energy and daylight) Tsuru, return via Otarumi/Takao --or head back to Ome after Kazahari. (This is why I don't plan rides, I don't really plan...)

http://www.mapmyride.com/route/jp/west tokyo/469128444327916362

I haven't been over Kobu tunnels or Tsuru (I know I did say I had earlier this summer, but had mistaken Tsuru city/Akiyama (?))

I'm not so fast, but I may be half fast(?), and will just kinda spin up the hills:eek:
Well, no, that's not true. I have personal bests that I will try to beat but that may still be social/cappuccino level for most of you.

Leaving the Family Mart by Takao station at 10am sharp (so assembling bikes and buying snacks 9:30 ....). A good ride for those who value sleeping in...:angel:

let me know if you want to join me!
I hope you won't mind a slow (relative to other riders, specially when the road goes up) bloke for company.
Wasn't able to join Lubos last weekend due to work issues so this will be my first ride out west.
I might jump in on this. Could use an easy 'break in' ride for my new frame (and me). Also a good warmup for Yahiko on the 20th.
I'm intrigued, but have to sort out my schedule once back in Tokyo.
If I can make it, I most likely have to cut it short somehow.
If I'm not out too late on Friday night I may well join you, Kori. Haven't seen you since New Year's. Your ride looks punishing. I need some mountains. Don't wait for me if I'm not there at 10.00.

--HF Mike--
I'm in for this one - need some lactic acid removal prior to the Yahiko HC. Don't worry , Mike, I'll give you a wake up call...hehe! I'll probably cheat and train out to Takao from Nakano.
I will most likely cheat and take the train out (more sleep, less traffic = good) but ride back on the river, depending on daylight.

Rommel, looking forward to meeting you!
Tim, looking forward to seeing the new bike! (no chopsticks and duct tape this time :p)
Mike, you should totally come!
I need another shot at climbing some hills so I will join too.
Might bring one of my collegues along for the ride.
Taking the train out and riding back to Shinjuku if I still have some energy left.

See you tomorrow!

Thank you Kori for organizing and leading an excellent ride. I enjoyed myself very much. Best part was getting acquainted with many new faces. Hope to see everyone again soon.

What a lovely day out! The weather was great, though it threatened to rain in the afternoon we all returned home dry and safe. I arrived at the Family Mart about 9:50, later than I wanted, and found more riders than I expected. 10 of us had congregated and my first thought was, oh no… that means ten people will be waiting for me on every climb. Luckily it wasn't quite true!

Rommelgc couldn't join us on the actual ride, but it was nice to meet you anyway! GSAstuto and JamesF were out on their fixies and looking to dumpster dive an old bike frame from somewhere. JapanViking and friend (sorry, I forget his name), Gunjira, and two Half Fasters, one of which was on her first ride in the 'West Hills.' After riding all summer pretty much always by myself, I was surprised and happy by the turnout.

It was great company, and though I was kind of disappointed in my performance (must train more during the week and/or go to the gym. must keep trying to lose those last 4-5 kg….), I will definitely do this again soon.
http://www.mapmyride.com/route/jp/west tokyo/254128481412037153

Thanks to those of you who waited at the top for me :eek: and super big thanks to those who made it to the top after me and therefore allowed the organizer (?) to not be the slowest!:bike:

Hope to ride with you soon!
Thank you all for a great day. Also big thanks for waiting for us everywhere.
I did feel a lot better than last time so I have some hope of improving.
Always very nice to meet some new people.

See you next time!
Thanks Kori! This ride was just what I was looking for. A nice, low stress, day in the hills to acclimate to my new frame and recharge my body for Yahiko. Great to meet the new faces and see again some old friends! We didn't find any frames in the land dumps - but I think we spotted a few more likely places to scout.
Frame dump..... there is one near the Shuzenji CCC on the way out of the town centre .....let me know what you're looking for and I'll see whats there, thats if there is room in the car.
I really enjoyed the ride out yesterday, especially putting faces to the names you usually only see online.

Getting to know more of the routes is a plus as well. From now on I actually have something nice to remember when there is a forum post about tomin no mori, etc...

Sorry I bailed in the end, but I really misjudged the time it would take me to Ome had to go there TT style.

Thanks everybody for the nice day out and hopefully I will meet you on the road again soon.
...and two Half Fasters...
I need names for the Half Fast Hall of Splitters.

Just kidding. (I'm gonna guess Sal and Zani.)

Sorry to miss this, Kori. I was just wiped on Saturday and needed a day off. Spend most of the day asleep. But it looks like a great course, so next time definitely maybe probably.

-HF Mike--
Sorry had to bail out at the start of the ride :-(
But it was good to see the faces behind the names.

Knee feels fine as of yesterday, but 40km and less than 100m of ascent isn't a good check.
Hi James - you mean the 'Frankenbike' place? Yeah! We just need <ANY> roadbike style steel frame for our TALL BIKE project. Preferably larger size - but hey - beggars can't choosers! basically we are splicing the the front section of one bike to the bottom 2/3 section of another. So - one bike with reasonably decent head stock and rear triangle + 1 bike with head stock in reasonable condition is fine - meaning at least one of the pair can have a mashed rear triangle.
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