Samurai Sports Japan

Samurai Sports Japan
Jun 28, 2017
Hey all!

Super new on this forum so I thought I'd quickly introduce myself and tell y'all about the soft launch for Samurai Sports Japan, where we have some cool rides (and other sporting events) open for registration in English.

I'm Faith and to be honest - I am not a pure cyclist, I mainly only do triathlons. I recently moved from Singapore and am re-immersing myself into all things Japan. My family is from the Sagamihara area so most weekends as weather permits I ride around Yabitsu and Doushimichi - these spots are literally my backyard. If you're also in that area, I'm happy to ride with and/or introduce y'all to a really great LBS run by a former professional road cyclist and current pro team mechanic.

At Samurai Sports, we're working on a platform for foreigners (both in Japan and abroad) to utilize as an online source for fitness groups/activities/services and registering for sporting events (mainly cycling, running, and triathlon right now). The activities listed on our website are events that will have English support from start to finish. Whether it's registration and event day briefings or figuring out how to get to the event site and things to do pre/post event, using Samurai Sports means that you don't have to think too hard about the challenges that one often associates with registering for events in Japan. So for example, all written communication will be translated, English-speaking staff will be at each event, and participants can contact us at anytime.

Sound interesting? Check out some of the rides y'all might enjoy:

Great Earth Tottori Sugoi Ride (Aug 20)
Mt. Fuji Long Ride (Sep 3)
Great Earth Iwate Shizukishi Ride (Sep 10)

Great Earth 5th Annual 130KM Minami Hokkaido Komagatake Ride (Oct 1)
Great Earth Ishigaki Iriomotejima 180KM Ride (Nov 19)

Give me a holler if you have questions or just wanna say hi!


You can also check us out on Facebook - help out the new kids on the block and give us a "Like" :)
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Samurai Sports Japan

Samurai Sports Japan
Jun 28, 2017
I guess I should read up on my Japan culture because I have no idea what the suggestive innuendo might be about. Or maybe I don't want to know. I suppose I'll figure it out eventually.
I actually wanted to do a write up about y'all but I can't figure out if y'all formally ride as a group and have team jerseys, who functions as "leadership", etc. Anyone care to enlighten me?


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Dec 14, 2006
if I can make an edit suggestion
Sep. 9 Wanko Night ! Welcome Party – Adult…¥6,000
Sep. 9 Wanko Noodles Night ! Welcome Party – Adult…¥6,000