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Salutations, from the other old country.


Jan 25, 2011
Hello everybody,
My name is Simon and I visit Tokyo about once a year to stay with my (Japanese) in-laws. My wife insists that I take my bike since I’m liable to boredom, mainly from not riding the bike.
I come from a cycling family and have cycled most days for the last 34 years.
I currently manage a bike shop in SW London, because I love bikes, not retail, you understand.
I know most things about most things to do with bikes, although my current interests are diverted towards bike fitting (which I do as part of my job) and endlessly criticising those who use aero/tri bars, rather than old fashioned Italian drops, when they only ride at 32kph, in traffic.
I have casually competed in most types of bike racing; Road, TT, hill climb, Mtb XC, Mtb DH (old school) and roller racing (goldsprints).
These days I’ve settled mostly on the road bike and plan some road racing with my work friends soonish.
Natually i'm in no shape to race but I’m coming to Tokyo end of Feb, for a couple of weeks, and plan to use my time to ride, eat and sleep. My target is 1609.344 kilometers (let’s say 1000miles). So that’s in writing now. I can’t get out of it.
It would be good to do some of those miles(km's) with like minded people because it’s more fun that way.
Thanks for reading this far.



Maximum Pace
Dec 14, 2006
Good name mate! Welcome to TCC and as time gets closer watch the forums to see who is going where.


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Just about in time for Kusatsu training rides. Do you like mountains?


Jan 25, 2011
'Like' is probably not quite right. It seems to me, however, that any extended ride out of Tokyo is going to be hilly; that being the local geography. So i would say that i'm 'expecting' mountains.
Looks like a fairly serious ride up to Kusatsu, though. I'll enquire further in a more appropiate section of the forum.
Thanks for the response.
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