Race Saiko advice (Tokyo Enduro, TT Japan)


Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
And the enduro report:


Tokyo Enduro 2018 Race Report

after saturday's time trial japan

I entered the tokyo enduro

**the course**

lake saiko again

how many laps can you do in 4h?

2 plus riders relay team

1,000 or so riders on the road...

**the strategy**

on the podium 3 years in a row

the plan is
as always
to win it

Yoshida san and his partner has won this race 2 years in a row

outsprinting my team mate Yamada san for 2nd place for 2 years in a row

this year Yamada san is unfortunately out

but I have an almighty replacement

Bandai san!

they don't come any stronger!

the plan is:

Andy 2h
hold good position

Bandai san 2h
finish it off!

**start time**

cold after the TT
I ditch the skinsuit
climb into my winter speedsuit
like tight fitting pajamas!

on the start line Yoshida san finds me a good position

rivals become friends

with the TT finished
I feel relaxed

toasty in my speedsuit
others are shivering

*3,2,1 go!*

after the TT
the pace is easy

my job is to keep in the front group

after 3 laps I lose patience

attack off the front


at the base of the climb
a familiar oldham accent
"go on Andy!"

TCC'S Mark @leicaman!
talk about a boost!

might as well have it!

hands in the drops
TTing off the front
for a full lap

of course they catch me in the end

time to slot in
that elusive 10th man position

all is going well

but it's heating up

an hour on the clock

each corner
each surge

becomes an interval

I see Bandai san on the home straight

signal I'm okay

but I'm treading water

one lap later

I'm drowning

off the back

the home straight

no sign of Bandai san


a one lap solo TT
it ain't pretty

the next home straight
Bandai san!

signal 1 more lap

throwing in the towel 30 minutes early

**the changeover**

sorry! sorry!

swap the timing chip

he's 2 minutes down

no time for honesty

「they're 10 seconds up the road!」

give him a push

the bull at the gate

**the catch**

I watch with amazement

lap after lap

he closes the gap

riders jump on his shirt tails
the Bandai express!

with an hour to go

he's in a lead group of 4

Yoshida san is there
gives him a bottle
rivals and friends

shouting from the side

「you're the top」「4 riders」「4 more laps」「3 more」...

the crowd gathers at the finish line for the inevitable sprint finish

my money is on Bandai san

but somehow
Yoshida san escapes off the front

a solo finish!

win number 3!

2nd again!


without Bandai san we wouldn't be close

thank you so much

let's keep the training and racing going

yoroshku jyonnobi!


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
Good stuff mate. Wish we had got there earlier for your TT and sorry we couldn’t stick around for the end of the enduro :(

Really enjoyed reading your write ups. We’ll definitely have to meet up properly next time ;) .
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Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
TT Japan stage 1 and Tokyo Enduro tomorrow.

Kids set off as numbers 1 and 2 at 7:00:00 and 7:00:20. I set off at 7:44:00.


Looks like a cold start, 2 or 3 degrees.

Also not as much wind as usual which is a shame as I think bigger riders have a better chance when the wind is strong.


I wonder how this will affect the best lines to take on the two long straights?

Anyway, I did a good taper and the numbers look good.

Looking forward to leaving my soul on the road in Saitama!



Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
Thanks for the good wishes @Kangaeroo and @joewein

@Elzico2012 yes it's a shame about Shimosa. Though I won't miss the drive!

There are other races there though, including next weekend though entry has closed.


As for yesterday's race, it wasn't the result I was hoping for. But no regrets I just strive to become faster!

The usual report below.

Cheers, Andy



Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
Plenty of podiums to come, I'm sure....took some bloody good riding to knock you off.
Cheers, I would have been happy with that time before the race. It's just that the others raised their game even more.

Being able to compare rides on strava is good as I can see where I lost the race and how I need to improve.

Onwards and upwards!

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