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Sagamiko Free Ride Games 2-3 April 2011


Jan 1, 2011
There will be a Free Ride Games event at Sagamiko Picnic Land on 2-3 April 2011. There's several different events happening over the weekend: short course down hill racing, kids races, and my favorite event the 2, 3, or 4 man team 3 hour endurance XC MTB relay race.

The XC race course is short 9-12 minutes per lap and you only need to run 1 lap before tagging out. I didn't spend a lot of time watching the short course downhill race but it looked easy to ride.

You can find some information here: http://frgames.exblog.jp/

Entry has to be complete by 18 March.

I was unable to upload the entry form so if you would like a copy please send me a e-mail at [email protected]
Are fixedgear CX bikes allowed? If I can ride without a pesky freewheel then I may be interested.
I don't know if fixed gear bikes are allowed. I've ridden on the course before and there's plenty of places that a freewheel be useful. Especially on the steep descent that you have to dodge trees.
Is it using the Toyota Cup National Champs course?
I'm not sure if the course was used during the Toyota Cup National Champs. The last time raced at Sagamiko I raced in the 4 man team XC Enduro relay and the course was pretty fun. First you climbed up, then you rode down, then another short climb up and you ended with some really fun flowing single track back to the start line.
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