Sagamiko area, winter grims?


Speeding Up
Usually in winter, the only place in that route which would be possibly dodgy is that pass northwards from the 413, on the 518 (I'm Japanese-pass-name illiterate): I've noticed it closed off in the past. However, even if there was any snow & ice last week, by now it's bound to have been washed away by the bout of warm(ish..) rain we had Friday/Saturday (judging by other higher passes I hit yesterday).

If you're still uncertain, try asking your man in a nearby police-box - sometimes they'll call up the nearest koban to the road you're interested in for current conditions. I've never tried calling local soba shops and small snacks but that would probably be next on my list if the police-box approach failed ...


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
Machida, Tokyo
I climbed up to Yabitsu pass at elevation 792 meters, y.
M O B: kudos to you! Sunday was so frickin' windy in Machida that I was blown sideways a yard trundling home from Coscto with 20kg of goodies loading onto my 'shopping' bike.

You weren't on one these, perchance, were you?