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Jan 18, 2008
Hello everybody!

My name is Andrew. I live in Sagamihara and fly Black Hawk helicopters for the US Army. If you hear the noisy chopper over your house at around 8PM, it is probably me!:p

I bought a road bike last year, and love to ride it. It is a pretty bad Cannondale SystemSix. I love it. I had Kamiya cycles of Fussa assemble my hand selected parts.

Anyway, I am looking for somebody to go and ride with. I live about 30 seconds from JR Sagamihara Eki. If you would like to bike somewhere, please post here.

Nice to meet ya'all!

At least you're not flying those bloody noisy F-16's!

Nice to meet you Andrew. I live in Yamato and do a fair bit of riding in this area, extending into the Tanzawa mountains and beyond. Once the freeze is over I'll be back at it again.
Hope to ride with you soon,

Mike (Australian)
Welcome toTCC! :welcome:

We look forward to you joining us!

Hey Andrew - my family and I will be moving to the Sagamihara area for 3 months while I'm there on an internship at ISAS. How is the cycling around there?

Hi everyone :)
I live in Minami-Ohsawa, which is two stops from Hashimoto, which I think is one stop from Sagamihara.
I'm also looking for some people to ride with around the area.
I'm only a beginner, i.e. been riding for 6 months.
Anyway, hope to hear from some of you and go for a ride :)
I'm in the area also. I live on Camp Zama which is near Soubudai Mae station. I'm guessing me and Rotorhead work at the same place.

I'd really like to join the rides in this area too. Please post a thread for any upcoming rides in this area.
Hey Andrew, I just arrived in Sagamihara. I'm looking to do some riding around here but have no idea where to go. I am staying at the ISAS campus which is across the street of the Sagamihara City Museum. Let me know if you want to meet up for a ride sometime. I would like to find my way around but probably need a sensai to show me the ropes around here.
Hi Dave, I ride live in Yamato which isn't far from Sagamihara, I can show you some good rides if you like, esp into the mountains and rivers around here. I ride most weekends. Just let me know if you're interested. I'm an Australian by the way
I'm in Ayase and do some work over at Zama. My regular loop includes a quick ride around base and around the area.

I can't do long rides currently, my bike gives me upper body pain and I'm waiting for my custom build to be finished in October. BUT if you guys go on any short rides <1 hour I'd be happy to tag along. I've been in Japan just over 2 years and know that area quite well.
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