Safe Transport by Plane?

Many airlines charge you as much as $200 each way (delta), generally non-negotiable. Even I you have no other checked luggage... Go figure. Last I remember, JAL didnt charge anything.
Also, whether it is a small box where you have to remove both wheels or a big one where you remove neither, the charge is the same in my experience.

Otherwise: easy and cheap. Go to a bike store, ask for an old bike box. (alternatively, in a rush, you can tape together random boxes, though I don't recommend it)

Remove petals, front wheel, seat post and handle bars.
Deflate wheels. Put everything in the box.

Good to go.

If you want to be more careful, wrap frame in bubble wrap or plastic bags + clothing. Replace skewer on front fork to protect. zip tie or secure things in place. Google 'boxing a bike' for greater detail.

Also, travel insurance that covers flying with sporting equipment is not a bad idea. Some credit cards automatically give you insurance when you buy a ticket on them.
Oct 28, 2009

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Yeah, the oversize baggage fee doesn't seem fair. Hopefully they will give me a break, but not counting on it.


Maximum Pace
Dec 3, 2010
Still, I bet it is cheaper than selling you current bike and then buying a new bike in Japan :D

Wiggle delivered my new bike in two big boxes all the way from the UK for 12,500 yen, that is from their shop to my door.