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Sado Island


Maximum Pace
Mar 4, 2008
I`m going to Sado for a camp/cycling trip this weekend. Taking the car and advantage of the weekend toll discount and 2,000 return ferry ride!
Will be taking my road and MTB.
I`m planning to do the full island coastal ride.
Anyone done this? Should I go clockwise or anti to avoid hills?
Any good camp site recommendations?
A few of us did the Sado Longride a couple of years ago - a total lap of the island is 210km.

There's nothing much really in the way of hills. It goes a couple of times to 175m. You can see the elevation profile here:


Not sure about which direction is best. We started in Sawada then went clockwise.

Doing it in one day, I missed all the sights that might be there. Please post some photos if you see any nice sights.

Have a nice trip.

I have completed 3.5 laps of Sado :) There are two reasonable climbs at either end of the island, buts it's the constant up and down as you follow the coast that wears you down. You cannot avoid the climbs regardless of direction. I have always ridden clock wise which means you always have the sea immediately to your left.

The north of the island is the most remote section with beautiful scenery and narrow 'traffic free' roads. The best place to stay: Ryokan Urashima, Sawada Beach, Ogi - really special. The food is excellent. You can swim in the sea along Sawada Beach in the evening.

Wish I was joining you. Have fun!


What a great Link I really want to do this ride!


I may cancel my fuji trip at the end of june and do this! I hop its not raining.....:eek:uch:


This may have to come to some sort of an organized TCC ride with an earth celebration to kick it off! There is enough time! Plus just found out I will be going to Hiroshima on my Vacation in June. My father in law wants me to visit a restauraunt that uses its own farms milk to produce cheese for there own stone oven cooked pizza, cheesecake and ice cream to see if it is something we can do here in Nagano with the milk from his farm! Cant pass that up! I would much rather own a restauraunt than get shit on and kicked by cows! Of coarse the jitensha will be in the back of the minivan:)
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