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For Sale Saddles galore

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Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
Selling loads of saddles shown below. It can take time and effort (and money) to find your perfect butt-mate. Saddles here tend to be on the cheap side, well padded and comfortable. But probably not for weight weenies. Recommended for cyclocross, gravel, commuter, touring, MTB, comfort etc bikes. Mostly only tested for 2-3 weeks, and barely used.

Prices non negotiable. I can take bank transfer and send it to you, shipping paid on delivery (probably about 1,000 yen) or pick up on a weekend sometime on Arakawa river, around 18km mark from the river mouth.

Forza Stratos - can find it online for 49,99 USD, selling for 2,500 yen



WTB SL8 Pro Saddle Black 142mm - sells for 35 USD, yours for 2,000 yen



Charge Spoon Saddle with Cromo Rails - sells for 24 USD, yours for 1,500 yen




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there can only be 10 pics per post, so I'm posting another 3 saddles separately here

SDG Ti-Fly Storm AW Saddle Black - sells for 62 USD, yours for 3,500 yen



Selle San Marco Concor Dynamic Saddle Black Wide - sells for 34 USD, yours for 2,000 yen



WTB Volt Pro Saddle Black 135mm - Narrow - sells for 30 USD, yours for 1,500 yen


I've been getting some inquiries, so let me just update. I've only sold one saddle, the rest are available

Selle San Marco Aspide Dynamic Full-Fit Saddle Black Narrow (S1 Curve) - SOLD
another two saddles sold, the others are still available

WTB Volt Pro Saddle Black 135mm - Narrow - sells for 30 USD, yours for 1,500 yen SOLD

WTB Rocket Sport Saddle Black 130mm - Narrow - sells for 18 USD, yours for 1,000 yen SOLD
I see there's a new section now but not sure how to move this existing posting over there? could you help @thomas
The classifieds add-on is now in Beta 8, but there is no importer yet (though it's planned). For the time being, I'd like to ask you to add your entry to the new classifieds. I will then close your thread in the subforum.

Sorry for the inconvenience! 😊
Do you only have one of each saddle? I’m looking to replace saddles on two bikes, possibly 3.
well I was testing different saddles, I'm not a manufacturer. so yeah, only one of each. almost unused and much cheaper than you can find them anywhere else. test several and see what works best, and then buy more of that separately?
ok @thomas I've created a new ad for the remaining saddles. you can delete or disable this one now. thanks
Excellent, thank you! :)

Just for future reference: I recommend to add one entry per item. Future versions of the add-on will feature an auction and offers system tied to single items.
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