Ryan, 29, racer from California

Jul 8, 2017

I'm moving to Tokyo for a new job at a Japanese company and also race actively in Northern California in the P/1/2 races.

I'm looking forward to checking out the Tokyo cycling scene. I'm looking for good routes for mid-week morning training rides, fast group rides, and of course, tips on how to get into JCRC racing and cat up to my appropriate level.

I have a temporary apartment in Minato and my office will be in Ebisu, if that helps for ideas on routes. I'd like to avoid use public transit for all my riding if I can, and riding long distances is fine. I cover a lot of km's per week.

I'll be in country on July 17th and start work the following Monday on the 24th, so the first week I'd love to meet some people while I settle in and get acclimated. Look for the lost guy on a black/orange Giant TCR Disc. :D


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Oct 2, 2012
Hey Ryan,

I did some JCRC races last year and they're a good introduction to racing here. Not too many people and some challenging courses.

There are also a bunch of shop teams with people around your level that do training rides out west past Hachioji. I ride with them sometimes out from Setagaya.

As for midweek training, there are a couple of small regular training rides organised by TCC members you are welcome to join. Check the "Rides" tab:
Jul 8, 2017
Yes, I will definitely be hitting up some of these rides! Thanks a bunch. Keep it coming!

I see there's a Rapha in Tokyo, is that an okay place to pick up some rides? It's somewhat of a hub for rides in SF.


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Sep 28, 2011

Rapha here is more boutique than serious cyclist.

But like John said there are serious dudes to be found.

Where I train there is a pretty serious bunch of high level criterium dudes that train from 5-6am most mornings.

You can check out the Saiko thread for details. Realistically it is probably too far for you to join for midweek mornings but I'll leave that assessment up to you!

There are also rides heading North along Arakawa usually Saturday and Sunday. into the Tokigawa mountain areas. Lots of sharp 500m elevation climbs to choose between.

Expect about 180km return to your locale. You should seriously consider a train bag or you're going to be spending all your time on the river roads for a climb or two.
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Sep 20, 2012
Asakadai, Saitama
Hi Ryan

I ride up to the north Saitama mountains and sometimes over into Gunma and Nagano most Saturdays. I haven't been post the rides that much on here but I might pull my finger out and post them up. Distance will vary but a short ride coming from your location and riding home would be about 180k, and longer rides probably around 300k for you. As the heat rises, we try to not do very long rides. My last few have only been around 120k (but I live further north than you)