Rust on clipless pedal


Aug 25, 2011
Sano shi
Today at around 3:30 pm i was surprised by a strong rain. I have no other choice but to ride home with the strong rain. It was around 1 hour ride before i got home. Me and my bike was soakly wet, i quickly wiped my bike off and i noticed at the pedal area that there are small rust build up. I wiped it off and sprayed some oil. I just bought my bike this year july and it was my first time to cycle in the rain. Are your pedals just like that too?


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
Nope, because they are 100% carbon.

But on most metal equipment that is either poorly treated against oxidization or is on a location of the bike that is prone to scratches you'll find rust appearing.

Stems, seatpost clamps and other parts that have cheap locking nuts tend to rust from micro scratched that you make while tightening parts up.

You've done the right thing by rubbing it off and then putting something over to protect it. There are specail products that ill give a longer lasting protective coating.