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Tech Running a 32-11 34-50 with a short cage 5800 derailleur


Maximum Pace
Jan 6, 2012
Hi everybody. I'm thinking of getting a new cassette on the back, a 32-11 to help even more with climbing.

Obviously I want to keep things cheap so I was wondering if any of you have experience running a ss derailleur with a 32-11.

50 front 32 rear will obviously not work but that's cross chaining so no worries there.

I'm sure I'd need to increase the chain by a link or two which isn't a big deal since it has about reached the end of its service life anyway.


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
Expanding on the previous answer -

50 - 34 = 16
32 - 11 = 21

21 + 16 = 37

SS Max capacity is supposed to be 33
GS Max capacity is supposed to be 37

*I say "supposed to be" because there is always that one guy who did 1 more than recommended and swears it is perfect - even tho they click and clatter going down the road.
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