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Rt 411 Exploration


Speeding Up
Jul 31, 2007
A couple of weeks ago I rode up to Tomin no Mori, re-enacting the KT3 "Okutama-Twist". However, after the route 18 climb, I then turned left onto rt411 towards Enzan.

This was a stunningly beautiful piece of road with cliffs either side and small rivers flowing beneath little bridges. I was in awe with nature, but due to impending rain I was unable to continue further down the road. Needless to say, I've been thinking of this scenery for the past couple of weeks and wanting to go back and explore rt411 again.

This Saturday (7th June) I'm thinking of heading out this way again as I really would like to see more of rt 411. What I'm intending to do is leave the rinko bukuro etc. at Musashi Itsukaichi and do the KT3 route as before; however, departing from this and then going along 411 before hanging a right where there is a little loop which goes into the hills called 犬切峠. After the loop I'll then return to the 411 and go back to okutama-ko before ascending up to Tomin again and back to itsukaichi.

Has anyone any experience of this loop section at all?


There are thus four climbs: Tomin (1000m), Rt 18 (650m-ish), the loop section off the 411 (1000m-ish), and Tomin again (1000m) with a total distance of about 130km. I'm quite flexible on the route however, and am principally interested in 411.

Anyway, if anyone is interested I'll be setting off about 8:30 to 9ish from Itsukaichi eki.

Count me in


This looks good and I am also keen to get some hills in before Fuji and also to pick your brains. Happy to join you. Let me know the time.

Charles aka chazzer

I could be at Itsukaichi at 9:40 if that's not too late for you. I have to work a bit late the night before.

Interesting . . .

Hi Lee,

Great route. I believe the R411 to Enzan is one of Tom's favourite routes. The climbing on this route is significant :cool: According to your map 2,894 meters.

For comparison, that is 372 meters more than the 2,522 meters of climbing involved on the 290km round trip from Tokyo to the Fuji 5th Station (via Subaru Line). Further, if we rode out from Tokyo to Itsukaichi and back it would take the total climb over 3,000 meters - and of course we would have to ride from Tokyo :D

Very tempted, but I would choose to leave Itsukaichi at 8:30AM in order to get back to Tokyo at a decent hour (it's a 240km round trip from Tokyo). However, I understand others will prefer a later kick-off.


What is it with you and Tomin-no-Mori, eh Lee ?!

50-50 whether I have to go into work saturday, but if not, I might join you (partially, at least). More so to see your sleek-limbed titanium svengali of a bike :heyhey: rather than any serious desire to tackle that unknown mountain loop.

Hi Lee,

Great route. I believe the R411 to Enzan is one of Tom's favourite routes. The climbing on this route is significant :cool: According to your map 2,894 meters.



He he! Yes it is...R411 is part of my monster ride! Actually, this Saturday, I'll be doing it again...it's a crazy succession of toges but I simply love it...try to follow me: Home - Tamagawa - Asakawa - Wada - Tawa - Tsuru - Imagawa (short but steep this one!) - Yanagisawa (=R411, not so steep but very long) - Enzan - Katsunuma - Sagaso (very quiet hill - virtually no automobile traffiic) - Otarumi - Asakawa - Tamagawa - Home. Might run into you guys on R411. If you go, do add the descent all the way to Enzan...not to be missed!

Otherwise that "Dog Slashing Pass" sounds attractive....have never been there and a little adventure is always welcome to build up some extra endorphin. Depending on the weather and my form tomorrow, I might add this little hill before proceeding to Yanagisawa Pass. Hope to see you guys along the route.
Hi, Lee!
I will try join you at the station, but I'm affraid I'll be doing a shorter ride this time and I intend to take kazahari rindo to the first toge (not tomin-no-mori) - we can even try racing to the top :cool: From there I will head back to Takao st. through Wada.

Don't wait for me at Musashi Itsukaichi, if I don't show up.
Time constraints

Hi Lee. This looks like a great ride. What time do you expect we'd be back at the station? I have to be somewhere at 7.30 pm in Tokyo... B
Hi All,

Thank you very much for all your comments.

As I would like to get some good time in on the bike but not be out too late, I'll arrive at Musashi Itsukaichi at 7:59, for departure at 8:30. Would this be ok with everyone? Alternatively we can leave at 9 as there's a train that get's in at 8:33. Please let me know. Sorry about this Aaron, but earlier is a bit better for me and others it seems.

Sergey, if you can make it, and if agreed with the others, perhaps you could introduce us to Kazahiri Toge as was mentioned on that thread a while ago? We could then use that as our route to okutama-ko ... it's just a thought I had....

Ben, it's a rough guess but I guess we could be back to Musashi Itsukaichi by 5:30 to 6ish.



What time shall we meet at Nakano ?

Charles aka chazzer
Hi Charles,

How about this train?

中野(東京都) 07:04~07:38 立川 07:44~08:15 武蔵五日市


中野(東京都) 07:17~07:50 立川 07:57~08:34 武蔵五日市

Maybe the 7:17 would be quite nice.

07 17

looks good - see you there at the usual spot :)


Too late for me, I'm afraid. Especially after the inevitable delays! Have fun. B
Hi guys,

I will join you and be in Musashi-Itsukaichi at 8.30AM. For anyone who's riding out: I'll be at Tamasuido-bashi by 7:00AM. See you tomorrow! :)
Oh bugger it. I'll be there as well.

I'll likely join the train at Mitaka 07:31.... front or back ??

Has anyone any experience of this loop section at all?



I have done this route. It is called Ichinose rindo. The gradient is 10-15% off 411. More than that, I was chased by a black monster dog with no leash in this area:eek:. I instantaneously thought I would be beaten by the dog. But the dog was obedient enough just to work only in its property. Once we left the area, it's gone. What a relief!:rolleyes: Just stay on the main road.

Minoru Arai
Home, at last - but I can't say got here safely... :eek:uch:

After leaving you, guys, on Kazahari toge, I proceeded to the 2 of my scheduled climbs - one through the tunnel on route-33 and another is up to Wada toge. I climbed to the top of the first one very quickly, but the downhill did not take me to Wada, as I expected - it took me to Uenohara hospital, instead... crashed on my way down at 48 km/h :eek:uch:
Took a lot of damage - no legs/arms broken, lots of mediocre wounds on the left side of the body (knee, elbow, ankle, thigh), lycra torn, bike's handlebar bent at an unbelievable angle (can't wait to see the expression on my LBS Bicycle Repair Man's face). Luckily, 2 cyclists were descending almost right after me. They called ambulance, which took me to the hospital after doing basic body checks and wound sterilization. The sensei, a nice guy, drowned my elbow in antiseptic and even told me that I should be OK for the Fuji race - looks like my damages are mostly "superficial" (thank you, kind cyclists, ambulance man, sensei, mountain gods, or whoever I should thank!).

The bad thing is that I cannot clearly identify the reason of the crash...That road is not very good - the grade is pretty high and there are many fresh asphalt patches, laid over the old road, lots of almost 90 degree turns, but I've been there 2 or 3 times already - had no problems at that time. I crashed on a relatively smooth section. A car was going up on the opposite lane... I noticed that I was quite close the oppisite lane, so I tried to avoid the car and that's when things went out of control... I wish could blame it on some treacherous bump, or a mechanical problem, but let's face it - it's most likely my poor poor handling skills....:(

Anyway, I hope the story of your exploration is a lot better than mine, Lee. Looking forward to your report.
Sergey !

Just returned home after the most challenging day ever in the saddle for me. However that pales into insignificance hearing your story. I am so relieved that you are basically OK. Please take care of yourself this week and suggest you take a very good look at your bike now to see that all is well following repairs.

Best wishes for a rapid recovery and see you soon one way or the other.

Charles aka chazzer
Sergey . . .

I am sorry to hear about your accident. Unlucky to have an accident - lucky to survive it.

If I can be of any help let me know,

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