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Route Advice to Suruga Bay


Dec 15, 2007
I will bicycle to Suruga Bay Thursday midnight from Zama city.
I can't decide if i should follow route 246 or 1.
Can anyone please let me know which route better for midnight to early morning bicycling? Less crowded with trucks and better lighted.
Or if you know a better route.
Thanks all,


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
I would avoid R246 at all costs. R1 is a little better where I've used it. Neither would be my first choice.

In May I cycled from Machida down to Enoshima and on to Odawara, Gotemba and Numazu, all at night time. My route down to the coast mostly followed R42, then west along the coast and through quiet back roads from Odawara over to Numazu, with only a few km on R246.

Here's the complete route:

There's also a small river with a bike path between Enoshima and Yamato. You totally avoid truck traffic, but you need decent lights at night:

For any night time rides outside of town I'd recommend good lights. My bike has a dynamo hub and a Lumotec IQ Cyo headlight.

Good luck and be safe!


Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
agrere with Joe - route 246 is nasty and only recommended if you are a very fast rider. I use it to commute in to Tokyo as there is very little stopping compared to route 1 but aas Joe points out, there are much better roads to travel.
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