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Route 76 and 70


TCC has covered that route a couple of times. Route 76 in particular is legendary. Please see the attachment in this thread. I "hikled" it the first time by myself from the south when I lost Christoph and the second time from the north with TCC: the infamous Hadano Loop. It's great fun, but make sure to wear SPD, not SPD-SL cleats, or better, bring a MTB. :)

Alan, Thomas rode from Tanzawa ko R76 up to R413 a few years back and commented that the road was in terrible condition in places. I think if you're prepared to carry your bike a bit it's passable. Wow, that's the first time that's happened, speak of the devil, he posted at exactly the same time as me.....Nice pic Thomas

Cheers gentlemen.

That looks like one for the MTB!
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