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Rohloff light


Maximum Pace
Oct 11, 2009
Very cool! I see most the lightening is actually in the outboard components. Would be nice to have Rohloff simply machine a lightweight version to begin with using mainly Ti gears and planetary carrier. Don't need a tensioner, for example, and the other bits are easily 'lightened'. I'd love to see a 500gr or less version of a decent internal gear hub.


Maximum Pace
Oct 14, 2007
It seems Rohloff did work on a lighter version of the hub, but they seem to have abandoned the idea. It was never going to be light enough for roadies, and the reduced life of the hub was not seen as enough trade-off for a slightly lower price, and being a tad lighter.

Shimano IGHs are catching up with Rohloff, but until sales start to decline I can't really see them changing much.

It took them a looooong time to change the shifter to having white on black numbers, as opposed to black on black :(

They are selling enough hubs to enough 'middle aged bicycle enthusiasts' (that includes me!) to make real innovation (appear to be) unnecessary. However, we all know that mindset usually ends in tears ....
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