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roads from hell


Apr 23, 2006
Has anybody had the pleasure of going down Meiji dori or it's friend Yamate dori recently?

I have been cycling in Tokyo for over 6 years now and these stinking foul pothole ridden excuses for pavement have been the SAME for all those years.

Actually I don't think Meiji dori was actually 'built'. I think a giant bird flew over and dropped it from a great height. It's been left like that since.

I believe the Tokyo government is building yet another endless subway deep underground, hence the need to dig up the road every 5 mins for the last 6 years. Just think though if people rode bicycles they would not need to have 400 subway lines with stations every 3 meters apart. it is amazing to some people when they do finally get on a bike that they discover the journey that took over an hour changing subway/train lines actually takes 20 mins on a bike.

rubber down!

I have to agree with you, Ash. Many of my students are puzzled when I tell them I go to my Kawasaki lessons by bike. Takes about the same time on the wheels, plus fun and exercise, minus overcrowded trains.

Meiji dori is a partial disaster, but also Keio doro/Yasukuni dori, Showa dori in particular, Road 15 and parts of National Road 1 feature that special "washboard effect". Their shoulders are more than just arthritic...
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