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Road of Hope Ride this weekend


Speeding Up
Aug 20, 2010
Last night, I was at the Pedal Day 2011, and coincidentally I met Mike, who had joined us on our memorable ride in Arima Toge last month. I promised him that I'd post this on the TCC on his behalf.

Mike was about to embark on the Ride of Hope, a 3-day ride to Sendai. The ride is in aid of HeartQuake, who are involved in a number of restoration projects. Although the start was in Tokyo, he has invited people to join him in Koriyama. The meeting time at Koriyama station would be 9:00am on Saturday 20th August. From there, the plan would be to overnight en-route, and to arrive in Sendai on Sunday.

Mike informs me that Neil Pryde are sponsoring the ride and that bikes can even be provided.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to make-it, but if you PM me, I can provide Mike's phone number.

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