Road cycling holiday in Japan Nov.2014

Hello, I am researching a family holiday for November 2014. We will be based in Tokyo for a week, but the rest of the holiday is up for grabs. I want to do some riding (on relatively safe roads) around Mt. Fuji, and climb the best route (Mt. Fuji is my Mecca!) I enjoy rides of anywhere from 30-200km, and race D grade here in Australia. I'd be keen to say i had a race in Japan also. I'd really appreciate any maps of road cycling routes in central Japan for that time of year.Any tips re how cold it gets, conditions, transporting bikes would be greatly appreciated. My wife and 2 young kids will travelling to, but not riding. We are likely to travel to Kyoto and maybe Kiso Valley.


Maximum Pace
Oct 25, 2011
Setagaya, Tokyo
Hi Chris,

by November there will be snow on the top of Fuji. The official hiking seasons is only July and August, after that more and more of the huts that offer water, food and shelter in bad weather shut down and hiking winds down. The roads up to the trail heads (5th stations) gradually become closed as the higher elevations become snow covered and hiking stops.

Having said that, there is plenty of good cycling around Mt Fuji, as long as you're not planning to head up the mountain itself when it's closed. If you dress appropriately you can cycle all year round in the Kanto area.

Arguably the best views of Fuji are to be enjoyed in the winter, when the air is driest. The furthest I have seen it from is in Chiba, near Narita airport, from about 150 km away on a cold clear January day.

You can combine cycling with train rides if you get a bike bag (rinko bukuro), typical cost ~ 6000 yen (US$60).

By November expect temperatures mostly in the 10-17 C range. Best to use long tights and layer up as needed. There will be less rain than in the summer.


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Oct 2, 2012
This is a good route called the Otsuki 4.5. This is a good route around Hakone.

Like joewin says, it's a good idea to get a bicycle bag. That way you can travel with your bike on the train to skip urban areas and reach the best routes quicker.
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