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Solved Road Bike for commute to school (1way 21kms)

Shinichiro Tanaka

Sep 27, 2013
I am a student looking for a road bike so I can get to school and reduce costs.
My budget as you can imagine is not the most (30,000yen maybe a little more... I need to pay for college lol) so I definitely won't be able to afford an amazing bicycle. I've been checking Craigslist as well as other resources but I have had a hard time finding one second hand. I've visited a number of second hand stores as well but I rarely see anything for my budget. If anyone could point out any resources or offer me something that would be awesome!
Height: 175cm
If you need any other information please ask!


Maximum Pace
Oct 2, 2012
I managed to get a entry-level second-hand road bike with Sora group set from yahoo auction for 40,000 yen (+5,000 shipping). There are two decent-looking road bikes on yahoo auction now for 50,000 yen. It may be a waiting game as I looked constantly for more than a month before finding something that met my needs. Maybe a single-speed would work instead? I see plenty of people commuting on them, plus maintenance costs would be much lower I expect.
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