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RITTE & CYCLISM - we want to sponsor your team!


Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008
CYCLISM in collaboration RITTE have an itch to scratch - we want to see your team on Ritte frame sets.

Together with Ritte we are offering to help sponsor a few road and cyclocross team(s) in Japan to make that happen. Hincapie custom team kit is also available for limited sponsorship.

We love cycling. Period. And we know it can be difficult for teams. That`s why we`re offering a bit of help. All teams are welcome to contact CYCLISM for sponsorship details: men, women, bike shop, university teams, etc.

The following frames are in stock and available:
- Vlaanderen
- 1919 TT (limited two sizes)
- 8055 Track
- Crossberg CX carbon disc (currently in design/pre-production)

Contact us in English or Japanese for sponsorship details → [email protected]



RITTEのAce、Vlaanderen、1919 TT、 8055 Track フレーム、またHincapie Sportswear (ヒンカピーのオーダーメイドスポーツウエア)がスポンサーシップにご利用可能です。バイクショップや大学のチームなどもウェルカムです。


詳細は[email protected] までお問い合わせください。



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Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008
Actually I haven't ridden one. We sold a few of them to customers who wanted an aluminum frame that they could beat up without worrying about anything - was priced very reasonably.

Really looking forward to the new full carbon disc CX, Chuck, and to see what colors they choose. The original from 3-4 years ago was one of my fav Ritte frames of all time - loved it. Had a few friends on it and they still love it as well. Wish I would have kept one for myself.

The 2015 should arrive in Aug/Sept. Note that is not a firm date but trying to meet that for one team we will sponsor.

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