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For Sale Ritte ACE frame set (54) light blue - NEW


Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008
The size 54 (medium) Ritte ACE frame set is NEW in box. Last one of this 2015 limited grayish / light blue color. Same frame set used by the MAAP x Ritte team (see photos and team video below). The ACE continues to be sold in 2016 with only a color change.

It is by far the best frame I have ridden - and continue to ride. It's light enough for climbing (950g), it's asymmetric and super stiff in the BB meaning no watts are wasted when sprinting or climbing, and the geometry makes for confident precise handling and extremely stable descending. It's a great racing frame set. For the perfect ride pair it with a quality set of 25mm tires. You'll love it.

SALE: 230,000 yen, all in next day delivered, lifetime guarantee
(retail 320,000 yen)

Frame details, geometry, etc → cyclism.jp/collections/ritte/products/ritte-ace-light-blue

- Bottom Bracket: PressFit30
- Tapered Head tube: 1 1/8 - 1 1/4
- Seat Post: 31.6 (Included)
- Seat Collar Clamp: 34.9
- Front Derailleur: Braze-on

- True Monocoque. Unlike most framesets, which are made in three or more separately molded pieces, the Ace is made as one piece, with no hard joints or seams.
- Positive Molding. The Ace utilizes the most up-to-date molding process with an hard inner mold and bladder system, resulting in higher carbon compaction and more uniform wall density.
- Interchangeable Di2/Mechanical. Now Di2 and mechanical cabling is cleaner-looking and easier to route with specially de- signed inserts.
- 25+ Tire Clearance. The Ace can accept the biggest possible tires that a standard brake caliper can clear. Every brand’s 25s and many 28s can fit.
- T700/T1000 Carbon Layup. The highest possible grade of carbon that can be practically used on a road frame.

MAAPRITTE_Melbourne_Curtes_7726.jpg MAAPRITTE_Melbourne_Curtes_7757.jpg MAAPRITTE_Melbourne_Curtes_8169.jpg MAAPRITTE_Melbourne_Curtes_8180.jpg

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