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For Sale RITCHEY WCS Apex 50mm Tubular Wheelset - ¥80,000

Tim Kendall

Speeding Up
Aug 11, 2013
Ex-DEMO wheelset.
Though since Japanese do not tend to use Campag, these wheels have ridden less than 2km, in my estimation. Essentially they are new.
The rear is currently a Campag 10/11, but I can change to a Shimano 10/11 for an extra ¥12,000

I will include the tires, but not the cassette.
The tires are one of the best criterium tires around, and have also done less than 2km.

If you need more info on the spec, let me know.


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Maximum Pace
Feb 29, 2008
Very much like Ritchey products - have bars, stem and seat post on my Ritte. Great components. If I didn't already have a set of mid-depth carbon wheels I'd be interested in these for sure.

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