Sold! Ritchey Super Logic Seatpost (Weight weenie)



Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
As can't stick to the same seat post for more than a season It's time to move on ;-)

Here we have the top-tier seat post from Ritchey, the Super Logic. 27,2mm uncut 30cm long with 25mm setback. And as you can see it's hits the advertised weight of 148grams almost on the spot (1 gram lighter even.)
This makes it one of the lightest non-boutiqe seat post you can find from the major brands.

Single bolt saddle clamp makes it really easy to set up and is very secure. Will include saddle rail clamps both for round metal rails as well as oval carbon rails. The round for metal rails are unused.

Retails new for over 30000yen, I'm asking 10000yen.

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