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May 22, 2007
Based on an idea called "Rindō Heaven" by Jake - I don't know whether he's on TCC - I devised an even more ridiculous route "Rindōmania II" to combine a bitchin' set of forestry roads in and around the Okutama Quasi-Cycling Zone. Once devised, I had to go out and ride it. That's a full day's cycling son and don't you forget it.

So here are some rindō condition reports:

1. Iriyama tōge - north side is nice and clean. South side is closed down to the Ura-jinba T-junction so expect some stones, branches and sand but easily avoidable.

2. Ura-jinba - good conditions considering that the road is permanently closed. Small landslide is helpfully held back by two red traffic cones. The top half of Wada West is still closed with a section of road missing after a landslip but it's fine for bikes.

3. Golf courses and Kōbu tunnels - regular roads r522 and r33 so no problems.

4. Sengen-oné - I had an earlier version f the route loaded on my Edge so I missed the turnoff for this one. I will get you next time, rindō

5. Kazahari rindō - lots of leaves but not too many rocks. Still unfeasibly steep - I don't imagine that will change.

6. Nokogiri-yama rindō - If you have been wanting to do this climb DO IT NOW. They've had a huge clean-up of fallen rocks and trimming of roadside foliage, probably as the summer camp season is about to start. Both north and south approaches are really nice. North is a bit better than south (and doesn't have scary tunnel) but seriously it's worth going just to climb it from both sides.​

Needless to say, I was very happy to get over the top of Nokogiri and coast back to the land of convenience stores.

If you're out that way, there's a nice new Family Mart on the main road out of Itsukaichi - right at my finish point on the map below. It's very well stocked and great for cyclists. They even have some comfy garden chairs and an A-frame rack for road bikes out front!

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Feb 4, 2014
Good to hear about Nokogiri. Family Mart setting new standards it seems - the FaMa on the road down from Wada just before the Asakawa is similarly equipped


Jun 13, 2015
DSCN0070_small.jpg I am just wondering is the waterfall shown on the right side of the photo interesting?
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