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Riding this weekend?


Jan 30, 2008
Is anybody up for a cycle this Saturday or Sunday? Would like to do some hills and around 100-130km and be home by around 5pm, though I'm pretty flexible. Who's keen? B
Baustin, Dave a new guy here, Phil Harris (possible) and I will ride from Atsugi on R64 and do a half Tour de Christoph, about 100km. You are more than welcome to join us. We'll ne passing by Hon Atsugi Station around 9.10, and be back by about 2pm. Anyone else keen to join is welcome. It'll be a reasonably fast ride I think and I'd like to keep the group together.

Is that Saturday or Sunday? B
It's quite hilly but we'll probably end up with an average speed around 26km/h plus. I wrote this basically because I want to have a serious training ride, i.e lycra please.

Sorry, I should have explained more clearly, the ride I'm doing on Saturday is not for beginners, it will be quite difficult. If you feel this suits you, then please join us.
Well - I actually don't know in which condition I am - since I have not driven for a long time.

Hmmm... let me try a bit Japanese ; )


Ok, please correct my mistakes up there ; )

I think that I will be able to keep the pace with you - and if I am not able - I will just return back home.

Also - please someone give me GPS coordinates of the meeting point and exact time. I will try to go tomorrow to buy a GPS because otherwise I will get lost somewhere - I am not going to ride anymore without GPS here.

Where is it cheapest to buy Garmin GPS units?
Yodobashi Kamera I think doesn't have it.

Ok... enough of me typing - I have to go to practice kanjis... ashta shiken ga arimas...
Close to an airport?

There's a terrific ride taking place this Sunday, Brisbane to Noosa (160km) - expecting a roll out of up to a thousand riders, most of them wearing pink (sponsor's jersey). It should prove bigger than the Mardi-Gras!

Anyhow, not meaning to make you homesick! Trust you'll find a good ride a little closer to home!:D

Half of Cristophe is still very fast, but what exactly is a half-tour de Cristophe?

I might join, but is this ride still on?

sorry guys, I'm getting a little confused :confused:
i) is this the same ride as the one in "Anyone in the Atsugi Area for Saturday Rides?"
ii) and is it for Saturday the 7th? (I see that "Rt 411 Exploration" is on the 7th?)

it seems that chazzer and baustin may have expressed interest in both (Rt 411 and Atsugi),
so I must have misunderstood something... please explain ;)
Confusion !

Simon - sorry ! It is me who is causing confusion. Both rides are on Saturday. I had through that one was Saturday and one was Sunday.

Therefore I will stick with the route 411 exploration and not the Atsugi one.


Charles aka chazzer
Chazzer, thanks for clearing that up :)
have a good ride, and hope to meet you another time.
cheers :D

OK just to sort everything out. This is the half Tour de Christoph on Saturday, June 7th. So far we have

Phil Harris

Pucci, I have posted the map created by Simon below, and the meeting point for him coming from Hashimoto is the junction of R246 and R43 (厚木市立病院前), near Hon Atsugi Station at 9am.

Please be there if you want to join us. It's been ages since we last met mate, be good to see you,

Need Sleep

No good. Tired. I think i will sleep late. Guess I will take a spin over to Yabitsu alone around 10:00.

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