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Riding partners - Hino area


Maximum Pace
Feb 5, 2012
Hey all,

I've been riding alone since I arrived which is cool but some company would be nice as well, so if your able to meet up around Hino, Tachikawa, Hachioji etc, and my riding style fits with yours then let me know.

- 4th season riding (road bikes)
- average ride length is 50+km
- average moving speeds of 25km
- longest ride so far is 75km
- I try to do 150+km weekly
- riding anywhere is fine for me as long as we attempt to get out of the traffic
- I'd say that I'm an all around rider that likes to attack and see where my limits are as I'm still new to the sport and I'm learning about patients, tempo, energy usage etc.

Cheers :bike:


Maximum Pace
Sep 17, 2011
I went through Tama Center to Hachioji and Takao about 3 times last week, including my return from Mt Fuji yesterday. I'll try to let you know next time.

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