Riding Japan out of Tokyo?


I normally live in Shanghai but come to Tokyo often. This time I plan to bring my bike and training every day - I target between 100-150 every day.

I originally wanted to find a cool hotel in the mountains but all seems taken for the holidays (I'm here end July).

Anybody who can recommend a Tokyo based training camp? Is it possible to ride Mt. Fuji and other mountains from the city? Or would it be better to go direct to mountains and live with less inspiring accommodate?

Suggestions and help much appreciated.



Apr 2, 2008

If you are coming mainly to cycle and at end of July, you would be better off staying up in the mtns. If Fuji is a big attraction, then in the Fuji Five Lakes area would be nice. On the weekend, there is a lot of traffic right around the lakes, but there are some good cycling routes once you get off the beaten track.

You might try one of the Japanese travel agencies that has offices in Shanghai.

One ryokan that is relatively reasonable and next to Kawaguchi-ko is http://nagahama-ryokan.com/

There are also reasonable minshuku around the Oshino Hakkai (the natural springs in Oshino just across from the base of Fuji).