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ridewithGPS help for creating a course Question 2


Maximum Pace
Aug 27, 2012
On ridewithGPS (or any other course creation site) is there a way of showing another course/route/activity while drawing a new one.

My aim is either (i) to edit the middle section of an exisiting activity where I went the wrong way. (ii) to copy someone else's course but start and finish it at a different point while still retaining the "loop" of the course
In both siutations I know the editing functions of these websites aren't up to the job, but wondered if you could display the old activity/course as a read-only layer on the map then I could "trace" over the bits I want to reuse for my new course?

Half-Fast Mike

Lanterne Rouge-et-vert
May 22, 2007
I've never seen a mapping tool that provides an overlay. Best you can do is probably two windows side-by-side. (It helps if you have two monitors.)

MapMyRide has reasonable editing tools for tweaking routes and creating different versions are somewhat better - not perfect but better. They went in the wrong direction (ha) with a recent update to the site, but have since wound back and replaced a lot of the functionality they ditched in favor of eye-candy.

The export routine for routes on RWGPS also very strangely inserts extra data points, sometimes every 10 m or so, which bloat the resulting GPX/.fit/whatever file and make it slow to render on the device.

So... I create maps (including all the official HF Routes) using MMR. But I record my rides on Garmin Connect, RWGPS and Strava, in addition to keeping the .fit file from my Garmin.
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