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Ride to the Race - Enduro


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Nov 4, 2006
The "Race", being the Enduro, this Sunday.
As we do every year, those of us coming from eastern Tokyo will be riding out to Nishi-Tachikawa.

The same as last year, we should all be outside the ticket-gates at Nishi Tachikawa station by 9:15, as the park gates will open at 9:30.
The route out will also be the same. Please refer to the following map:
Meeting times and places will be as follows, and are marked on the map with a "P":
7:00 – At the corner of Meiji-Dori & Rte.14 (For Thomas, and possibly David Anderson).
7:30 – At Shinjuku Station; New South Entrance, on Rte.20.
8:30 – Rte.19, Tsurukawa-Kaido & the Tamagawa Cycling Road (at the 39km point on the map).

Last year, four of us braved some of the most atrocious conditions, all in the name of macho posturing, mixed with a little pride and a dash of stubbornness. However, I'm sure I speak for the others when I say, "This year, if it is raining, we will take the train!"

See you all there! Travis

The following is the timetable for the day's events, courtesy of "Yasuhiro".
These were written for last year's race, but remain unchanged.

1) Schedule
9:30 Gate open
9:30 Registration
10:30 Start of Enduro!
14:30 End of Enduro
15:00 Prize-giving ceremony (Time for Go-Go Girls!)

2) Meeting time and place:
9:15 at Nishi-Tachikawa station. Team leader will give you entrance ticket to Showa Kinen Park so do not enter by yourself.

3) Race and course:
- Course is 5km per lap.
- An ankle band (with a chip inside) is given to each team and the participants will take turns riding with the band before handing it to their replacement rider.
- Each team will have their own strategy for when to change riders.
- The winner will be the team with the most laps around the course in 4 hours.

4) Pit (Take-over zone):
- The pit is divided to several areas depending on team number.
- There is no passing in the pit lane.
- Change the ankle band to next rider as fast as possible – our non-riding (cheer-squad) members will be there to help.

5) Other info:
- You cannot ride your bike inside the park.
- There will be no trial runs.
- There are some shops inside the park where you can get snacks, but they are more expensive than convenience stores, and not as well supplied.
- You may recieve a participation prize so I recommend you bring a backpack.
- It is recommended to take a lunch box or something to eat. Combini is just close to the meeting point. (Nishi-tachikawa Sta.)

Let's enjoy the race!

1) スケジュール
8:30 立川口開門
9:30 登録
10:30 エンデューロ開始!
14:30 エンデューロ終了
15:00 表彰式

2) 集合場所と時間
8:45 に西立川駅でどうでしょう? チームリーダー宛に公園の入園券が人数分とどいていますので、お先に入られぬよう。

3) コースとレース
- 1周5km
- 計測チップ内蔵のアンクルチップをリレーしながら走ります。
- 何周で交代するかはチームの戦略です。
- 4時間で何周できるかを競います。

4) ピット
- ピットの場所はチーム番号ごとにいくつかの場所に区切られています。
- ピットでの追い越し禁止。
- 次の走者にアンクルバンドをリレーします。

5) その他
- 公園内では自転車に乗ることは禁止です。
- 試走はできません。
- 公園内にいくつかの自転車屋さんがお店を出しています。
- 参加賞があるはずなので、リュックがあるとよいかもしれません。
- お昼の時間が(チーム状況に応じ)とりづらいのでお弁当や軽食を持参されるとよいと思います。) コンビニは集合場所のすぐ近くにあります。

Excellent. Thanks, Travis!

I'll meet you at the Tamagawa.

Thanks again.

Me too!

Great Travis! I will meet up at Shinjuku eki at 07:30.


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