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Ride Ride Sat 14th Feb - St.Valentines ride

Aron B

Maximum Pace
Mar 24, 2012
Very good ride, although I was suffering to keep up. I haven't gotten out of hibernation really. The Strava Android app destroyed my GPS data, but it should have been over 150km in total.

We revisited places I hadn't been for over two years, and some new things as well. Only one chunky gravel section on a 10% descent and some avoidable icy patches, nothing we couldn't handle. Not pictured above is yet another outstanding tourist attraction of the Hanno-Ogose-Chichibu area, a huge camphor (クスノキ) tree estimated to be over 1000 years old. It is proudly pronounced to be the 16th tree in the country and the 1st in Saitama in the 全国巨木ランキング. But I looked it up and it's now shared number 19 (I had to set the character encoding to Shift JIS manually on this page). It's easily accessible, more information here.


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
You have turned yourself into a Western Saitama tourist guide Aron!
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