Ride Ride Ride!


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Oct 11, 2009
GS Astuto Training Rides I will be doing more or less consistently throughout the Summer. Oftentimes led by Pete who is the master of the Greenline.

(generally Sat) Ride Choice 1 : Chichibu Greenline Area. Leave from Shinjuku around 0600 and return by 1400 latest. Enjoy beautiful roads with lots of small hills and some nice climbs. We follow Arakawa River to avoid the general traffic.

(generally Weekdays) Ride Choice 2 : Arakawa Training. Leave from Shinjuku around 0600 and return at choice. I schedule professional style training program. Mainly interval and pedaling skill related. Also, alot of Keirin riders on the road during the same time - everyone enjoys the flat, easy course for concentrating on skills.

(TBD) Ride Choice 3 : Tomin No Mori. Leave Shinjuku around 0700 and return by Train at Itsukaiichi (or can ride back). This is a 'novice' ride that I lead to help other people enjoy a big climb with no pressure. Some days we will take the Kazahari Rindo path.

(Sundays) Ride Choice 4: Otarumi / WADA Loop. Leave Shinjuku at 0700 and return by 1600 (train is option). Ride to Takao, Otarumi, WADA, then enjoy Pizza Lunch at Takao Sanguchi.

These are all WATT rated. (Wait At The Top) - meaning don't be afraid to join for fear of being dropped and left in the middle of nowhere with nothing to guide you. However - intermediate proficiency is assumed and you should have had several 75-100km rides under your belt (this year). The 'novice' ride is intended to build confidence in the hills - so as long as you are properly equipped and have the desire - you are welcome to join! If I have to hiki you up the hill, you buy my beers!


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Dec 3, 2010
Well you have a good chance to join us Sunday! See here.
I'd love to but I'm riding down to Zushi for a BBQ party at a friends house, timedesuyo is coming along with me.

If anyone else would like to join us, this is what we are doing, riding down to Zushi, should be about 80Km and then enjoying the BBQ party, it is not my party, so I cannot invite you to stay for dinner etc, but you can certainly have a pit stop and then carry on. Tim is planing on doing most of the rest of the Miura peninsula then training it home.