Reverse Road Rage


Maximum Pace
Sep 3, 2009
Several years of motorcycling in my home country taught me that there are several kinds of toot which conveys the intent of the driver:
1) a short toot means he's passing through or he wants to let me know that he's back there
2) several toots might mean he want's to get my attention, something wrong with the way I'm riding or something wrong behind me or my motorcyle which I can't see
3) a long toot he's mad at me
4) several long toots he wants to run me over! so I shift up and rev up near red line

Yeah toots are very rare here in Japan though I remember being tooted last Saturday on R246 riding in a slight drizzle and getting dark. I did have lights on both front and rear in flash mode. Maybe he/she was just nervous.
Jun 5, 2009
I think that toot on Saturday on rt. 246 may have been me. It was east of where 311 crosses 246. I can't remember exactly the situation but I think there was a car parked on the side of the road, and you were spinning furiously going up the previous small hill but stopped spinning completely on the downhill, I saw the car ahead parked, and was coming to the side of you and wanted to let you know I was there and passing. Never know when you are going to start doing that mad spinning again and didn't want to get caught passing the car with you next to me as there was not a whole lot of space to pass. I do appreciate the occasional horn from cars if there is a chance of being too close, helps situational awareness and puts you on your toes.
Jan 14, 2007
Nice toots are great... sometimes, even with good intentions they almost give me a heart attack if they are too close and piercing. Some cars horns are just designed to infuriate.

3 cars ago I had a horn that would get stuck! Didn't make any friends when I'd try and give the car in front a slight beep when they were asleep for the green light...
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Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
While I haven't attacked any drivers, one of my path peeves tabled itself again this morning--joggers on the cycle path jogging along two abreast, pretty much blocking any chance to pass safely....with headphones on.

Usually as I approach someone it's a whistle, an "oi" or "sumimasen" or "jitensha-yo", and sometimes even a cough or sniff is enough to make a walker, a jogger, or another cyclist aware that someone is coming up on them.

But as for the headphone jockeys--those on foot or even cyclists--I do have path-peeve fantasies of riding by and somehow hooking a wire. They don't hear normally, so you have to shout, usually when much closer (after other things have failed), which then startles them out of their self-absorbed world.

I certainly hope that TTC and PE seriously frown on any member that would try to ride while using an ipod/walkman.
Jan 14, 2007
I'm shocked by the unbelievably one-sided reporting on this incident. At least the mostly very reasonable comments below the last article are making up for part of it.
I sent the journo a very heated email explaining to her how cyclists and motorists should act...
explained to her that this sort of thing doesn't happen in Japan where there are more cyclists and more cars and more congestion...on the roads here and that she needs to investigate the psyche of the Australian population as well as her own myopic view of the situation...

She wrote another reply in today's SMH here
May 22, 2007
#12 for the headphone jockeys--those on foot or even cyclists...
I usually wear a whistle round my neck. 186 yen from the supermarket. Cuts through the headphones much more effectively than a bell or a shout. Use sparingly!:)

Although I have ridden with an iPod at times, on long, lonely cycle paths or country roads, I don't find it appropriate for city cycling. When riding my motorbike, however, I find that having music on (from the radio or with headphones) slows me down and makes me not mind the traffic so much, whereas without it I'm more impatient and less content to go with the flow. I suppose that, for me, it's about having something else to do, i.e., listen to music.



Maximum Pace
May 25, 2009
I certainly hope that TTC and PE seriously frown on any member that would try to ride while using an ipod/walkman.
Also hate this... a lot of rider out there totaly absorbed in thier own little world... Headphones on, check thier mail head down riding either with or against the flow of traffic on 246 with no head gear! Unreal!
Jan 14, 2007
I used to use my ipod on the cycling path when riding to work and at a pace where nobody from behind would catch me or pass me. I'd be super careful of people in front and when passing. ie, pull one or both ear plugs out.
Not on the road though...

As soon as the law was made to bar it I realized it was best to not use the ipod at all and haven't ridden with it in over 2 years now.