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Jul 28, 2008

i've just arrived in Tokyo and my bikes have just come over to join me! So finally i can ride again after 8 weeks of shipping. I'm so happy. But one thing I need to know is where I can get a frame resprayed? How much is that service over here? I hope it's not comically expensive. I don't like doing it at home. Oh yes, and where's a good place for forks? I'm a little sick of mine being too short so might pass them over to the g/f and put in some new long ones.

Cheers Kiwi,

That's a bit pricy for my pub bike. I was used to paying around 10-12K back home. I'd rather hand it over to someone in Tokyo if possible, ideally a small bike shop. I don't need any fancy work like your man offers (though it's an excellent price given the service), just a basic sprayover. It might well have to be a trip down to Tokyu Hands for some creative life goods...
I was going to suggest rattle cans. lots of light applications with some clear on top.
I might try my local man in a shed. He seems to know his onions (language barrier makes it hard to be sure) and he was very kind and patient with a confused gaijin this afternoon. So I doubt I'll ever buy any parts from him but might as well job down there for the things I can't do. Feels a lot niced than the local sterilised bike shop which is a bit poncey. I actually only trust places that might hit my bike with a hammer, funny as it may seem...
...hammers are good, that's my point. I get mistrustful of places that insist on things like the exact perfect tool and refusing to fit standardised parts or mismatching gear. My life is mismatching gear. I once spent a fortnight riding on cranks of different lengths. That was annoying, though. I don't recommend it. So, guys that get the job done are the best...however they get there.
.....He seems to know his onions.....Feels a lot niced than the local sterilised bike shop which is a bit poncey.....

I understand the onions part although I haven't heard it before.

Does "poncey" mean somewhat aloof? Is it similar to snootie, snotty, or snobbish?

Forgive me, I am a recovering English teacher.
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