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Apr 27, 2008
I wonder if my forum name could be changed from 'mikata' to 'Kaffekata'. I thinks its a little more apt, because my favorite rides seem to be cappucino runs. :)

Mind you, these are not ordinary cappucino runs. One run goes up the Kanda River to Kichijoji, and another is in Jiyugaoka after going through FutoTamagawa and around the Tama River on the Kanagawa side. A third is in Ichigaya after going pass Univ. of Tokyo, Komaba campus, through Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu Gaien, then around Akasaka Palace to Yotsuya Stn. All are about 24 km round trips.


It's changed! :D Thank you!! :):):)
Alright, no more bathroom jokes, please.

But I'll let you know that I like fudge brownies more than cinnamon rolls. :p
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