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Tech Replaced bearings on Shimano R501


Maximum Pace
Dec 8, 2014
I just finished replacing the bearings front and back on my commuter. I noticed that the front was making a strange noise and wasn't it's usual chipper self so dismantled the hub and found a deep and pitted ridge worn into the 'cone' section of the cap'n'cone setup. Had a go at smoothing this ridge over with a round file, turned out okay, at least better than it was. Did some investigating and worked out the right size bearings and took a stab in the dark that Y's would have it. Turns out they kind of sort of did, I ended up getting two packs of 3/16 Ultegra 6800 bearings and one pack of 1/4 bearings. Next stop Daiso! Bought some spanners; 13, 15, 17mm, the 13mm and 15mm have to be the extra slim spanners to fit the hub nuts.
I had some grease on hand so was good to go and also had a 11-30 cassette that I've been wanting to try so slapped it all together and it seems to be working so far.

If anyone's interested here's a list of materials:

22 x 3/16 bearings (front hub)
18 x 1/4 bearings (rear)
13, 15, 17mm spanners (13 and 15 need to be extra slim)
Cassette spanner
Chain whip
Lots of paper towels
A patient spouse

Exploded view of front hub

Rear hub

This video tutorial is basically okay except if you want to really clean out the old bearing seat you can remove the hub seal with a flat end screw driver.

They're just cheap wheels but they are spinning much better now and I should get at least another year out of them, and learning to fix my own wheels certainly gave me the motivation to take better care of my bike and a bit of a confidence boost in dealing with the slightly more technical stuff.
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