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Regular Rides?


Jan 15, 2010
Hi everybody, I'll be spending a couple of months in Tokyo (I forget exactly where, south west somewhere) starting in Feb, and I will of course be bringing my bike.

My training has been pretty light on lately thanks to a new job with wicked hours, so with a lot of free time on my hands in Japan I am hoping to get back in the swing of things and smash out a few hundred k's per week.

Are there many regular group rides around tokyo? Or even individual training rides people wouldn't mind me joining them for?

I have been looking at the big collection of rides on bikely, but with no local knowledge (or GPS), I am bound to get horribly lost.

Please either post here or PM me if you know of a regular ride you would be happy for me to get in on. Thanks.
Riding from Okubo

We go out a few times a week and either do palace laps or a loop around Tamogawa River. But, in Feb. we will be looking to do some hills to get ready for the Kusatsu Hillclimb. We are trying to get out early. 0630~ish. You are welcome to join us. Doing anywhere from 20-50/day depending on how much time we have. Sometimes more. Definitely longer on weekends. Working up to 500 km/wk. Okubo is near Shinjuku.

That sounds perfect Andy, I am arriving on the 11th, and will probably take a day or two to get settled then I will get in contact to find out the meeting place.

Thanks for letting me tag along.
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