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Dec 17, 2008
Just ask some informations guys. I will join many races in 2009 in Japan so I saw that there are many website for register (fortunately my gf is japanese!!!), what I need more, I guess my UCI licence right?
You don't need a license for amateur races. Your girlfriend will be able to register online for you for most races. If you can't register, I'm sure sending an email to event organisers and explaining you are having problems, they will let you register on the day. (you need to confirm that with them via email first).
Most races fill the capacity limits, but they make exceptions often for foreigners with late entries.

If you keep looking here and see a race you want to enter we can help.

Don't worry... bring your bike, your shoes, helmet, gloves, some air for the tires ... uniform is optional... :cool:
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