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Redeye Fast Lap of Tamako


Apr 23, 2006

Anybody interested in this please let me know.

Date: Sunday 22nd April

Start 6am Kamishakujii station (Seibu Shinjuku line) and belt around Tamako (about 70kms round trip). We should be finished by 9am or so.

If you are coming, please drop me a reply here, I will check it before I leave and meet you at the north exit of Kamishakujii station. Or call me: 090-8514-0852

the redeye racers return...

As I arrived at yasuhiro's place this morning at the ungodly hour, his first question was 'Is anyone else coming?'

'No' I said ' I wonder why?...'

The answer was because it is Sunday, and it is 6am.

Anyway, off we went to the end of the street where we found another reason nobody else was coming, the howling southerly gale that did its best to blow us both immediately under a large truck.

We flew off though, had the usual gel breakfast at the conbini 10kms later (what do cyclists do in countries without conbini? Tote picnic baskets?) and blew (or were blown) around Tamako and shot back to Kamishakujii where, at the tender hour of 8.15am, and following in the finest traditions of TCC, we had


and a few healthgiving cigarettes.

And then it was off back home after this illegal break from child-minding, to cook up the big sunday breakfast and to take my son (aged 3) to the park where to my great pleasure we cycled together for the first time, he having now mastered pedalling to his own enormous pleasure.

now if he could just learn braking....:eek:


Brave !

I have a knackered back at the moment but thought a gentle spin to the Palace and a flying lap at about one third of the speed of fluroau might do the trick.

Woke up around 7 and stood outside for about one minute before deciding that if I really wanted to stand in the middle of a gale of warm air then going to the barber might be a better bet !

So spent the day noodling with my new GPS instead. Excuse is that I need my back to be better for GW https://tokyocycle.com/bbs/images/smilies/redface.gif
Went drinking last night and tried to take it easy and come home at a resonable hour knowing that our Sunday morning sprint was on as usual..

Woke up and could hear & see the howling wind across the river and decided to go back to sleep. My wife came in an hour later and asked if I was sick... :cool:

Instlalled a pond in the garden isntead...

My plan was to ride every day this week as well but looks like another week of rain...

Better get out my roller...
the pond in the garden

ah, thanks for that. It is a sensible soul that knows when it is time to roll over in bed when he hears the wind howl outside. after all, its all about fun...

I had a great ride on sunday though and enjoyed watching the Amstel Gold in the evening, a nice way to round off a cycling day!

Tuesday night, Yasuhiro and I will be doing the Takadanobaba Dash, the fast run from my office to the pub in Kamishakujii where for the last 5 years we have done the BEER LESSON...a not to be missed little event on our weekly calendar...

We want to come out your way soon though and do the River!

take it easy!

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