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It is beautiful isn't it. As a tandem you know it can be very fast with 2 people powering it. However, with a streamliner body it might be setting some records in some other races. In a perfect world it will be doing the TransAm Bike Race where if I can keep it upright going over the frozen mountains in the Western third of the US, in the windy and flat central one third, and in the hot and humid/hilly one third eastern part then I'd be pretty chuffed. If it is any consolation my other Litespeed is hanging on my wall as art ;)
Yes, that is one option Cactaur. The side windows you can see on the last pic allow the pilot to stick his legs out at stops, so that is another.
I hear ya Microcord. When I first saw a Litespeed titanium bike frame in Hawaii I was instantly in love. The early models had narrow tubes and seemed so fragile, but were strong. Sadly, somehow titanium bikes got the title of "Forever Bike" since titanium doesn't corrode. However it still fatigues over time, and if ridden enough even a titanium frame will crack, oftentimes at the weld. That bike appears to be a 90's model as was mention by others, and to me it looks like the rider didn't notice the crack when it first started and just kept riding it until the crack grew. They are the 2nd owner, and that is why Litespeed didn't warranty it, but somehow Litespeed gets blamed even though other companies do the same thing.

One thing I like about the Taliani tandem is that the titanium tubes are likely thicker walled, and of a larger diameter, so that would probably make it a good candidate. FWIW, my brother is an exotic metal welder. The aluminum bike at half the price is still an option though because it frees up money for the rest of it.
I am not sure if I included that earlier, but no worries Microcord. I am quite confident he can get it done, because he is very competent but he is way too slow, and he is quite stubborn when it comes to input. When he doesn't get to do stuff his way then production slows almost to a halt so I am afraid that if the majority of the build isn't done the way I have spent countless hours on researching and asking other streamliner builders for their input, then he will apply solutions that start defeating purposes after I leave. This makes me pretty hesitant to jump straight into the build with the Taliani instead of the aluminum tandem.
I now have the Taliani and it is absolutely gorgeous. Signed by Lynsky before selling the company. I was considering calling my project "Onaga" for the Japanese name of the Iberian Magpie which is silver and blue with a black crown upon its head, and the blue Chris King Hubs as well as some other blue anodized aluminum parts match it perfectly. A bit of a cleanup soon and maybe even a little bit of riding it for fun first. Troy, the seller was great and gave me a small discount even after I told him about my plans.

I'll post pics of it later once I get some.

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I hereby start a petition.

Save that beautiful Litespeed from the hacksaw!

Your petition worked Andy. The Taliani will remain intact. Stick aluminum pipe is on the way to start a fully custom build, which I doubt will be finished soon and brought back to Japan, but will become the rolling chassis.
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