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Sep 27, 2019
Good post, thank you. I guess the issue with the Tern Carryon Cover (link to video above) is whether it’s enough to cinch the bottom of a bag to fully enclose but not entirely seal the package. I think you’re right that the JR rules are (quite rightly) about courtesy and protection for other passengers*, and the poncho-bag-with-cinch-cord solution is going to meet that requirement very well. The only challenge would be if the bike were wet, because water would tend to drain out of the bottom, and so whether the most vigilant staff stopped you or not, you’d be inconveniencing other passengers to some degree. I’d think that’d also be manageable with a lightweight towel to wipe down and plug the hole, so on the whole the Tern bag seems like it would be a fine solution.
For the sake of completeness, it might be worth noting that the enormously helpful Ken-san at Hasiwa cycles in Kashiwa felt the Dahon carry bag was a better bet for JR compliance, and is also cheaper and lighter. We spent a while trying the bags out in the shop together, and I rather disagreed, feeling that the Tern bag is a much better product for the sake of the extra grammes.

I found it vastly easier to drop the Tern poncho style bag over the (folding) bike and cinch it closed than to spread the Dahon bag out like a groundsheet, finagle the bike into the bag, then pull the sides. The integrated carry straps, whilst a little more fiddly than Tern’s video would suggest, is a very good design solution. The extra weight is noticeable, but seems a reasonable trade off for the extra convenience. So the only issue is the JR compliance, which would seem more than adequate for all but the most critical situations (say, rush hour in the rain) and the most fanatical station staff.
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Apr 26, 2010
You'll be fine. I'd just buy the one you like then deal with any issues as they pop up, which seem to be pretty rare based on the posts in this thread.
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