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Rating Climbs in Japan - climb by bike

Toyama Ryan

Aug 15, 2009
Given the number of hill climb races in Japan, and generally the number of hills this website should be of interest:


I've no relation to the site other than having posted several climbs. They're actively looking to expand the selection of climbs in Asia. Probably the neatest feature is the ranking system. You receive both a difficulty ranking and score. Great for comparing your local beast to say, Mt. Washington or the Tourmalet.

For example here's a local nasty that I've posted. It's decidedly not in the Tokyo area so I apologize:


It is, without a doubt, a fun way to kill some time.
Ryan--that looks great!

btw, have you ever tried getting onto the service road that goes on up Tateyama from Arimine-ko?
No, I'm unaware of it. Directions? I'd LOVE to climb Tateyama. The only reason I climbed Shomyo Daki is because I got turned around at the toll both on the way up Tateyama.
I think this will come thru, a google maps link to arimine-ko.

Or, if that doesn't work: http://maps.google.co.jp/maps?f=q&s....467681,137.409267&spn=0.087799,0.187454&z=13

Zoom out for reference and overall location, zoom in a notch or so and you'll see a small road appear west of the reservoir. It's closed to the public, but I've wondered about hiking around the gate and guard booth and going on from there...! There are a couple helicopters used for construction up there, hueys, that sling-load some stuff around tateyama proper. I think they're based at the top of this road, at least when they're needed up there, instead of having to fly down the mtn.
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