Withdrawn Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Bib Shorts. Small.



Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013


Model: Rapha Pro Team Lightweight Bib Shorts.
Size: Small
Colour: Black with White detailing.

Bought these.

Rode them once. Fell off.

They had a small hole in the on the right side rear part of the outer material which sits on top of the pad. I gave them back to Rapha, who sent them off for professional fixing, as part of their after-service. They have been fixed and professionally cleaned by Rapha, have a new pad in there and for all intents and purposes are as good as new (they even have that brand new Rapha smell!), apart from an extra semi-circle of seam which has been sewn on where they repaired the outer material.

I bought another pair from Rapha which I now wear, so these are spare.

They retail at 34,500yen. As I wore them once, fell off and then had them repaired and pro-cleaned, I am asking 22,000yen for these. Feel free to make an offer based on this.

I still have the bag they came in and the cellophane wrapper, and tag.

Repair details...

New Pad...