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Oct 28, 2009
Hi Everyone!

I am a 42 year-old guy originally from the foothills of North Carolina. I have been riding road bikes for fun and exercise since about 1994. I moved to Japan in 2001. My wife and I live near Chiba university, where we both work. Information on this forum is very helpful for cycling in a foreign country and a foreign culture. Thanks!
Welcome to the club! I'm very close to you, east of the city in Yachimata. Usually ride up to Sakura and the Tone River, the Kujukuri coast, or south into Boso. Hopefully see you on the road some time.
Thanks, Phil. I have never been to the Tone River. I have made it to the Inba-numa Lake going through Yachiyo along the Hanamigawa River. It's not the shortest way (or smoothest), but the path is easy to follow. I struggle to find wide roads or roads with not much traffic. Most of my riding involve loops around Makuhari.
Hello, Almost Tokyo!

I live on the farside of Edogawa-ku and usually head out in the direction of Tone River or make a loop out along the Hanami River and back through Makuhari. If I'm pressed for time I'll do an out and back along the Edogawa or to/from Kasairinkai Park.

I too struggle to find roads with the least congestion. Although it makes for a potentially complex ride I've tried my best to map out as many side streets as possible. Its amazing the scenery you will sometimes find by trying a backstreet along a major byway. I suppose this effort would help if I had a GPS. Maybe Santa will bring one for Christmas!

In any case, I'm laid up with Achilles tendonitis right now:cry: and I don't expect I'll be back on the bike until January.
Hi sakura, Sorry to hear about your injury. As I get older, I feel more aches and pains, and they last longer, but I hope you're young and heal fast.

It sounds like you are doing great without a GPS, backstreets can be tricky and time consuming, but I certainly wouldn't turn down a Garmin.

It just so happens that I will be moving to Edogawa in a month or two and need to find new circles to ride.
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