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For Sale Raleigh Dyna-Tech Corsa 405 Titanium 54cm frame,


Speeding Up
Jul 2, 2012
It is with a heavy heart I am putting my trusty second steed up for sale.

As the title suggests its a Dyna-Tech Corsa 405 ti frame. I've had it for about 8 years and loved riding it everywhere. It was used on an attempt from Tokyo to Osaka with @arcadiandreamer.

  • The frame is a 54 and is a little small for me at 175cm tall with the short stem it currently has on it (100mm Gran Compe) though the Nitto bull bars do compensate a bit for this.
  • I have it set up as a fixed gear running a 42/16 ratio with the original cranks still on it.
  • Wheels are hand built HPlusSon Aero rims with the rear on a sturdy Surly Hub, had it put together at WBase in Harajuku, the front is on a Novatec Hub and was built at the now defunkt Beans on Ome Kaido. Neither rim was machined so it does look a little shabby on the front. Tyres are indestructible gator skins, only had one puncture on them but they are quite 'mature' now.
  • Goldfinger brake levers and fetching orange cable covers.
  • Front Brake is an original exage 500 where as the rear is 105, I can put a 105 on the front if requested.
  • Arione wingflex saddle and fizik saddle bag can be included

This could be an excellent project for someone looking to put something very 90's together.

The seat post is a bit stuck and there is some surface wear on the frame which I have tried to capture as best I can. If required I can take photos in the daylight.

For Geometry I think it is closest to the Cronos Geometry listed in this:

http://s120.photobucket.com/user/fixerr/media/Raleigh Dyna-Tech brochure/RaleighDyna-Tech4.jpg.html

I'd happily accept ¥30,000 but am open to sensible offers.

DSC_0905.JPG DSC_0906.JPG DSC_0907.JPG DSC_0911.JPG DSC_0913.JPG DSC_0914.JPG DSC_0915.JPG DSC_0918.JPG DSC_0916.JPG DSC_0912.JPG
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